WordPress Hosting: How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting?

You should choose the best hosting provider for your WordPress blog or website, before you setup your WordPress website on a server or take your WordPress blog online.

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform available on the internet today which you can setup and use by hosting it on a server. Using WordPress you can easily start your blog or website.

In this guide, we will show you the points which you should consider before choosing a hosting provider for your WordPress blog or website.

Best WordPress Hosting

Choosing a web host for WordPress mainly depends on the type of your website or blog, for example, whether your website is text-heavy or image-heavy, the number of users who will be accessing your website, performance of the server, uptime, security, and the type of available hosting options.


Let's look at the points in detail which you should consider for choosing the best WordPress hosting


1. WordPress Hosting storage capacity:

If your WordPress website contains a large number of high resolution images or other types of heavy data such as videos, you should buy a hosting with large storage capacity. Generally, photography and video blogs have high storage space requirements.

If you are a blogger who posts mainly text based content with some images in posts, you might not require large storage capacity hosting.

2. Number of users or visitors accessing your WordPress website:

Every time someone accesses your WordPress website, the hosting server sends information such as webpage containing text and images from your web server to their browser. The more the number of visitors coming to your WordPress website, the more is the amount of work done by your hosting server.

If your WordPress website receives a large number of visitors, for example, more than 50000 visitors a month, you should buy a performant hosting for your WordPress website.

3. Bandwidth requirement for your WordPress website:

Bandwidth consumption of a WordPress website or blog is the amount of data transfers to the server and from the server.
In the WordPress hosting context, You can estimate the bandwidth requirement for your WordPress website by roughly calculating the amount of data transfers to and from your WordPress hosting server.

For example, if the average post on your WordPress website contains 5 images of size 50 KB each and 100 KB of text, then the average post size would be 5 x 50 KB + 100 KB = 350 KB. If someone access a post on your website then around 350 KB bandwidth is consumed. If your WordPress website gets 50000 page views a month, your monthly bandwidth consumption would be approximately 50000 x 350 KB = 17.5 GB.

4. Types of hosting available for WordPress:

For hosting your WordPress website, you can choose from the three types of hosting depending on your hosting requirements. The main types of hosting are shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting.

Shared hosting is the least expensive hosting available for WordPress websites and is suitable for newbies. If you are starting a WordPress blog or want to host a small to medium niche website, you might want to use a shared hosting.

A VPS hosting has more resources as compared to shared hosting. VPS hosting can be used if your hosting requirements have increased, for example, if you need more storage space, bandwidth, or performance.

For websites which receives a very large number of users such as media or news website, the hosting requirements are greater. For very high traffic websites, you can use a dedicated hosting.

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