Using the OwnCloud's Contacts app.

OwnCloud 6 ships with an easy-to-use contacts manager app which is enabled by default. Using its different features you can organize your contacts in groups, import contacts using .vcf file(vCard file format), synchronize contacts with smartphones and other devices, etc. Synchronization is provided by CardDAV server which is implemented inside ownCloud core.


How to create contacts?

Click on “Contacts” on the left side. It shows an option to create a new contact and an option to create a new group.

open contacts app in owncloud


Suppose, you need to organize contacts in groups like Co-workers, Family, Friends, etc. You can start by clicking on “+ New Group” and writing the name of the group.

organize contacts in groups


Click on "+ New Contact". You will see a form to enter the contact details.

While creating a contact you can add First name, Last name, Nickname, Title, Organization, Birthday, etc. and select a group in which you want this contact to be listed. Click on “Add field...” drop-down list to add more fields such as Instant Messaging, Address, Web site. You can also add a photo by taking the mouse over the photo, and clicking on the upload icon which appears.

create a new contact


Editing contacts:

Editing contacts is simple, just select the group on the left to see the list of contacts, and click on the contact to start editing.

contacts list


Editing the group name:

Take the mouse over the the group name, a pencil icon will appear to edit the group name. Clicking on “X” deletes the group.

edit contacts group name

To know how to choose a hosting for ownCloud, you can see our detailed guide on how to choose an ownCloud hosting.

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