Windows 7 Function Keys.

There are 12 function keys(F1, F2, F3, .., F12) located at the top of the keyboard.

Depending on the operating system(OS) of the computer, the behavior of function keys vary.

Here you can learn about some of the general uses of Function keys in Windows 7 (works on other versions of Windows too). Function keys may be used in combination with keys like “CTRL”, “SHIFT”, “ALT” or “Fn in laptops” to get desired results. For example, Alt + F4, Ctrl + F4, Shift + F10, etc.


NoteAlt + F4 means while keeping the Alt key pressed, press the F4 key .


Sample keyboard


F1: It is used to open the help area in many programs.

F2: This key is used to rename selected files, folders, shortcut icons, etc. To rename a file, folder, or shortcut icon, select the file or the folder by clicking on it then press F2, now you can edit the name using the keyboard.

F3: F3 is used to open search in many programs. It opens search in windows explorer. Pressing F3 will open search form to search the currently opened page in browsers like internet explorer, chrome, or mozilla firefox.

F4: This key opens your previously visited pages in internet explorer in a dropdown. In MS Word, it repeats the last action.

Using Alt + F4, you can close any running program which is currently displayed. In windows explorer, pressing Ctrl + F4 will show previously visited locations in a dropdown. Ctrl + F4 closes the currently opened tab in internet explorer, mozilla firefox, and chrome web browsers.

F5: It is used to refresh the computer screen. It also reloads the currently displayed page in a web browser.

F6: Pressing F6 moves the control around the structure of the currently displayed program. In web browsers, it moves the cursor to the address bar. It is similar to the Tab key


Functuon keys


F7: Pressing F7 opens the spell checker in writer and MS Word.

F8: While starting a windows PC, pressing F8, opens the windows PC in safe mode or displays other modes of startup.

F9: No general uses on a windows PC.

F10: It is used to focus on the menu bar of the currently displayed program. Alt key can also be used for this.

Shift + F10: It opens the context menu. Right click also opens the context menu.

F11: It switches the browser display area between fullscreen and normal screen modes.

F12: This key opens developer tools in internet explorer and chrome web browsers.


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