Share and edit documents collaboratively in OwnCloud.

With ownCloud documents, we can create and edit documents in OpenDocument Text(.odt) format inside the browser window. The .odt format is supported by major office applications like Apache OpenOffice, Microsoft Office, Libre Office, etc.

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It is very simple to share an .odt document in ownCloud 6 with multiple users. All the users can simultaneously work online on the shared document from their web browsers. Not only it's fun and exciting, it will make your document editing workflow more efficient.

How to do it? Follow the steps:

1) Log in to your ownCloud account


2) Click on Documents on the left. Click on New document of open an existing document.

owncloud documents


3) You will see an editor as shown in the image below.

.odt editor


4) Click on the Share button on top-left. Enter the name of the user or the group with whom you want to share this document. You can enter names of multiple users one after the another.

share documents


Optionally, you can send a link to the document through Email. If you want to protect the link using a password you can do it.


Note: If you are testing the feature, and logged in with administrator privilege, just click on your userame drop-down link at the top-right of the page, and then click on Users. ("admin" is the username in the image).

admin drop-down


Create users

create new users


You can now share the documents with the newly created users, and get the benefits of live online editing.


5) When the users, with whom you have shared the document, log in to their account, they can see the shared .odt files inside Documents.


On the right side of the editor, there is a list of users currently editing the document. Changes are reflected with some delay to all the users.

list of users viewing the doc

To know how to choose a hosting for ownCloud, you can see our detailed guide on how to choose an ownCloud hosting.

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