ownCloud Tutorial - How to Setup ownCloud and Use It

ownCloud is a popular open source cloud storage and data synchronization system which you can use to store your files and data such as photos, videos, music, documents, contacts, calendars, etc. at a central location and synchronize them with your laptops, desktops, smartphones, or tablets using the ownCloud sync client. You can also access your files and data from a browser.

ownCloud Tutorial - How to Setup ownCloud and Use it

You can use ownCloud to create a private cloud storage for your organisation or build your own cloud for your personal use with no limit on the storage space besides the capacity of the hard drive. ownCloud also lets you to encrypt your files and data stored on the server. You can also add external storage to your ownCloud with Dropbox, SWIFT, S3, Google Docs, FTP, etc.

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ownCloud Tutorial


Installing ownCloud server is easy and if you want to install ownCloud locally on your computer, you can see our detailed tutorial on how to install ownCloud on XAMPP or WampServer. After installing ownCloud server on your PC, you can take a look at how to install ownCloud desktop sync client and synchronize files between ownCloud desktop sync client and ownCloud server in localhost.

User and Group Management:

ownCloud lets you create users and groups and associate users with one or more groups. It also allows you to specify group administrators. You can see how to create users and groups and administer them in ownCloud from the web interface.

Real-time collaborative editing in ownCloud:

Using ownCloud, you can create and edit ODT documents from inside a web browser. You can also share the documents with other users and collaboratively edit the documents in real-time from a web browser.

Managing Contacts in ownCloud:

ownCloud comes with a useful Contacts app. The Contacts app of ownCloud lets you create contacts, import contacts from other sources using the VCF file format, organize contacts in groups, etc. You can see our tutorial on how to use the ownCloud's Contacts app.

Installing ownCloud Apps:

ownCloud's functionalities can be increased according to your needs by installing apps downloaded from the ownCloud app store or by installing custom-made apps. If you want to know how to install apps in ownCloud, you can see our detailed tutorial on how to install ownCloud apps.

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