Keyboard shortcuts for windows 7.

Generally shortcut keys are a combination of Windows Logo, Ctrl, Alt, Shift, and a character key. (For example, Alt + F4, Ctrl + C, Ctrl + Alt + Delete, etc.) Using the keyboard shortcut keys you can easily and quickly execute commands on Windows and in many programs.  Here is a list of general purpose keyboard shortcuts for Windows 7.


Note : Alt + F4 means while keeping the Alt key pressed, press the F4 key .


Sample keyboard


Key combinations used as shortcut keys in a desktop:

TAB: It is used to move the control around the structure of the currently displayed program. You can easily move around the hyperlinks and input elements like buttons, textfields, checkboxes, etc. in a web page opened inside a browser.

ALT + TAB: It is used to switch between open programs.

ALT + F4: It closes the currently displayed program.

SHIFT + DELETE: It deletes the currently selected files or folders permanently bypassing the Recycle Bin.

CTRL + ALT + DELETE: In windows 7, it opens a menu showing five options namely(Lock this computer, Switch User, Log off, Change a password, Start Task Manager.)

CTRL + ESC: It opens the start menu.

CTRL + SHIFT + ESC: It opens the Windows Task Manager.

ALT + SPACE: It opens the currently displayed window's system menu which has options like restore, move, resize, minimize, maximize, close the window, etc.

Windows Logo + L: It locks the computer.

Windows Logo + TAB: It is similar to ALT + TAB. It switches between the open programs using a nice animation called Flip 3D in windows 7.

Windows Logo + R: It opens the Run dialog box.

Windows Logo + M: It minimizes all open windows.

SHIFT + Windows Logo + M: It opens those windows which were minimized using Windows Logo + M.

Windows Logo + E: It opens the windows explorer.

Windows Logo + F: This shortcut key opens the Search to find files and folders in the computer.

Windows Logo + D: It minimizes all open windows and shows the desktop screen. It is similar to Windows Logo + M.

CTRL + Windows Logo + F: It opens Find computers dialog box.

Windows Logo + Break: It opens the System Properties dialog box.


    Key combinations used as shortcut keys in programs :

    CTRL + F2: It displays print preview in MS Word.

    CTRL + A: It selects the whole page text in the currently displayed text editor or web browser. It selects all the items inside a folder.

    CTRL + C: It is used to copy the selected text, file, or folder.

    CTRL + X: It is used to cut the selected text, file, or folder.

    CTRL + V: It is used to paste the last copied or cut text, file, folder, etc.

    CTRL + Z: Using this combination you can undo the last action in many programs.

    CTRL + B: It converts the selected text into bold in text editors.

    CTRL + U: It adds an underline to the selected text in text editors.

    CTRL + I: This combination italicizes the currently selected text in text editors.

    CTRL + S: This shortcut key saves the currently open document in a program.

    CTRL + ENTER: It is used to quickly open a website having “.com” as its top level domain(TLD) in web browsers, e.g. type “qoncious” in the web browser's address bar and press CTRL + ENTER.

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