How to Use Line App on Android?

Line is a popular instant messaging app which lets you exchange messages over the Internet. You can also make free voice and video calls using Line on mobiles and tablets. If you have not installed Line on Android yet, you should see our guide on installing and configuring Line on Android.

In this guide we will show you how to use some of the common features of Line on Android.

How to Add Friends in Line?

To add friends, tap on Add Friends in the top menu. You can see the four options at the bottom of the screen. You can manually add friends in Line using the four ways. Line lets you add friends by inviting them using SMS or Email, QR codes, Shake it feature, and ID search.

Add friends in Line app in Android



How to Block Contacts in Line Messenger on Android?

How to Unblock Contact in Line Messenger on Android?

How to Delete a Contact in Line on Android?


How to Send Messages in Line?

To start sending messages, tap on Friends in the top menu, then tap on the contact whom you want to send messages. You will see options for Chat, Free Call, and Video Call. Tap on Chat to open the chat window. Now, you can write your messages and tap on send to send them. To send images, videos, etc., tap on the + button on the left.

Messages and chats in Line app on Android



How to change Chat Wallpaper in Line on Android?

Backup Line Chat History on Android

How to Restore Chat History in Line App on Android?


How to Make Free Voice Calls in Line?

To make voice calls, tap on a contact in the Friends list then tap on Free Call.

Free call in Line on Android


Using the What's Up feature and creating your Line User ID

What's Up

What's Up feature in Line is a kind of status message which lets you show your thoughts and feelings in a few words. To write your What's Up message, tap on More in the top menu, then tap on Profile. In Profile, you can set your What's Up message.

User ID

Tap on More in the top menu bar, then tap on Settings, and then tap on Profile. In Profile, tap on User ID and enter the ID you want, then tap Check to check if the User ID is available or not. If it is not available try another ID. If the ID you want is available, tap on Save.

If you want to make your User ID private so that other Line users cannot search you by ID, tap on Public User ID to disable it.

What's Up and Line User ID


Login, Logout, and Registration

How to Logout from Line?

Enable Login/Logout Using Passcode Lock in Line App on Android

Email Registration in Line Messenger on Android


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