How to Logout from Line App on Android?

Logout is a necessary feature for any instant messaging or social networking apps. Nobody wants to keep their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices always logged into social networking apps. You would like to logout of instant messaging apps to prevent others from looking into your chat records and to keep other information private.

The PC version of Line provides a logout option but its app version on Android phones does not have a logout feature. So, how you can logout from Line app? In this simple guide, we will show you a workaround for logging out from Line app on Android devices.

Note: Remember that following the steps below will delete all Line data stored on your Android devices. Next time when you will start Line, it will work as a fresh install, and you will have to verify your phone number.

If you don't want to delete the Line data, and wish to keep your chats, friends list, and other information private so that nobody except you can use Line on your Android device, you can see how to use a Passcode as Login/Logout on Line App.


Steps to Logout from Line Messenger App

In the Android settings, tap on Applications.

Tap on Applications in Android Settings


Tap on Manage Applications.

Tap on Manage applications


Tap on Line app in the list.

Tap on Line app in the list


Tap on Clear data and then tap on OK.

Tap on Clear data to clear Line app data

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