How to Embed YouTube video in Ghost Blog?

Videos are a nice way to make your blog posts more appealing. Sometimes you may want to add videos in your blog posts. There are some ways using which you can add videos in your blog posts. One way is to upload the video to your server and then use a media player library (based on HTML5 or Flash Player) to show it in your blog posts. But this could be a bit expensive in terms of bandwidth usage.

One of the easier methods is to upload the video to a third party video sharing service such as YouTube and then embed it in your blog posts. If the video which you want to embed in your post is already available on YouTube, then embedding it in your posts is straightforward. If the video is not available on YouTube you will first need to upload it to YouTube.

Let's look at the steps to add a YouTube video in your Ghost blog posts.

Copy the embed code:

1) To copy the YouTube video's embed code, right-click on the video and select Copy embed code from the context menu.

Right-click and copy embed code of YouTube video


There is an alternative way to copy the embed code. If you look below the video, you can see a Share tab. Click on the Share tab, then click on the Embed tab, and then copy the code as shown in the image below.

Copy embed code YouTube video


Paste the embed code inside your blog post.

2) Now that you have copied the embed code, you can paste it inside the Ghost editor while editing an existing blog post or while creating a new blog post. Ghost supports both Markdown and HTML inside the editor. You can see the video in preview on the right side as shown below.

Embed YouTube video in Ghost blog post

Congratulations, You can now save the post, and the video will be displayed inside it.


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