How to Download Photos from Google Drive to PC?

Google Drive is a cloud storage service from Google which lets you store your files and data such as photos, videos, music, documents, etc. and synchronize your Google Drive storage with your PC, smartphone, or tablet. Currently, Google Drive offers free storage upto 15 GB of data.

If you want to download your pictures or images stored in the Google Drive to your laptop or desktop PC, you can see the steps shown below in this guide and easily download your images from Google Drive to your computer.

How to Download Pictures from Google Drive to your PC?

1) If you are not logged in to Google Drive, you first need to log in to Google Drive. After you have logged in, you will see the user interface of Google Drive.

2) Go to the location where you have stored your images, for example, in a folder. If you want to download one picture, right-click on the picture and select Download as shown below.

Right-click on the picture and select Download to download the picture from Google Drive

How to Download Multiple Pictures from Google Drive?

To download all or more than one pictures, first you need to select the pictures. To select multiple pictures, keep the Ctrl key pressed and click on the pictures you want to download. The pictures selected will be highlighted in blue color. After you have selected the pictures which you want to download from Google Drive, right-click on any of the selected pictures and select Download as shown below.

Select pictures, right-click, and choose Download to download the pictures from Google Drive to your computer

Your pictures will be first zipped (.zip file) and then downloaded to your computer. You might be asked to choose a location where you want to save the ZIP file containing the pictures.


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