Creating a new MySQL Database using phpMyAdmin in WAMP or XAMPP.

Databases are all around us. Almost every Blog, Website, E-mail services, E-commerce sites, and Cloud storage system needs a database to store data. Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Ghost, osCommerce, OwnCloud, to name a few, need a database to store configuration and data.

If you are working on your computer with XAMPP or WAMPserver, or using cPanel to manage your website over Internet, it is almost inevitable that you will need to create a database.

PhpMyAdmin makes creating MySQL databases a piece of cake. In two-three clicks a new database is at your disposal. In this guide, we will show you how to create a brand-new MySQL database using phpMyAdmin.


Where to find phpMyAdmin in XAMPP and WAMPserver?

For XAMPP users:

Run XAMPP control panel as administrator. Start Apache and MySQL. This is the first step needed to create a database using XAMPP.

Run XAMPP control panel; Start Apache and MySQL


After that, visit “localhost/xampp/index.php” from a Browser. Click on “phpMyAdmin” under the “Tools” section.

phpMyAdmin link in XAMPP under the Tools section


Next section is for WAMPserver users, and you as a XAMPP user might want to directly go to the database creation part. So, scroll down a bit or click here  to see the Database creation part.


Where to find phpMyAdmin in WAMPserver?

Run WAMP server as administrator. (Right-click on the WAMP icon found in the desktop or in the start menu, then select “Run as administrator. Click "Yes" on the "User Account Control" popup.)

After WAMP server has started, you will see the WAMP icon as shown below in the notification area at the bottom-right side of the desktop.

All services like Apache, MySQL, etc. are running in WAMPserver

If the icon is green as shown above, all services like Apache, MySQL etc. are running. If the icon is not green, left-click on it. You will see the WAMP administrator panel as shown below. Click on “Start All Services”.

Start all services in WAMPserver


Visit “localhost” from browser. A page should be displayed as shown below. Click on “phpmyadmin” under the “Tools” section. Log in with Username and Password for MySQL. Generally, the Username is "root" with no Password required for the Super user of MySQL.

WAMPserver phpMyAdmin login page


Now, it's time to create a new Database.

You will see phpMyAdmin page as shown below. Click on Databases.

Create a new Database


Write a database name in the “Create database” textfield, and click on Create button. A database will be created. The example below shows “db_new” as a sample database name.

Note: Don't use a dot( “.”) in the database name. You can leave the Collation drop-down as it is.


After the database has been created, phpMyAdmin will show a message telling you that a Database has been created.

Message showing a new Database has been created

That's all for creating a new database using phpMyAdmin.

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