Creating custom URLs or Permalinks in Ghost Blog.

Every Blog post that you write and publish using Ghost can be accessed from a URL. Ghost generates URL based on the Title of your Blog post. Let's say the title of one of your posts is "Making still photography more innovative.". By default, Ghost will create its URL by joining the words in the title with dashes.

Although it's nice to have URLs which look similar to the post titles, sometimes you may want to change them. For example, if the title is very long and you want a shorter URL, since short URLs are easy to read and share.

In this guide, you will see how to edit and change the URLs of existing Blog posts and write custom URLs for new posts in Ghost.


Writing custom URL for a new post:

After writing your post, you can click on the gear icon on the left side of the SAVE DRAFT button, and enter the text which you want as URL in the URL field. While doing so, it is recommended that you use dashes to separate words in URLs.

Custom URL for a new Post in Ghost


Editing the URL of an existing post:

You can change the URL of an existing post either from the content listing page or while editing the post. In the content listing page, click on the gear icon the top-right of the post preview, edit the URL and press the Enter key.

Edit or change existing URL from content listing in Ghost


While updating an existing post, you can change its URL by clicking on the gear icon on the left side of the UPDATE POST button as shown below.

Update existing URL while editing a post in Ghost


How to enable Dated Permalinks in your Ghost Blog?

Note: Currently, enabling dated permalinks will change the links to all of your post, whether new or old.

To enable dated permalinks, go to SETTINGS, and enable its checkbox.

Enable dated permalinks in Ghost



Using the Ghost's Markdown editor.


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