Convert Video to MP3 or extract Audio from Video using VLC Media Player

You have an old video and you want to convert it to audio. Or, you have downloaded a video song from YouTube, but don't know how to convert YouTube video to mp3. To be able to convert videos to mp3 or extract audio from a video using a media player is an added advantage. You can do exactly that using your favourite VLC Media Player. In this simple step-by-step guide you will see how to extract audio from video using VLC media player.

VLC Media Player icon

Using the steps shown below you can convert mp4 to mp3, flv to mp3, or convert any other video format supported by VLC to audio formats supported by VLC. Converting a video to mp3, ogg, mp4, FLAC, and CD format is supported. If you do not have VLC media player installed on your computer, you can download it from for free and install it on your computer.


1) Start VLC media player.


2) Click on Media at the top left of the player window, then click on Convert / Save... in the drop-down menu.

Media drop-down menu in VLC media player


3) The Open Media dialog box(window) will open. Click on Add... button and select the video which you want to convert to audio. After the video has been added, click on the Convert / Save button.

Add the video which you want to convert to mp3 audio


4) The Convert dialog box will open. In the Profile drop-down list, select the audio format for the converted audio file. We selected Audio – MP3. Click on the Browse button next to the Destination file field, select the folder where you want to keep your extracted audio file, and write the name for your extracted audio file e.g. “MyExtractedAudio.mp3” or "MyConvertedAudio.mp3" (Observe that we have added a file extension .mp3).

Note: You must make sure that the audio format selected in the Profile drop-down list e.g. Audio - MP3 and the Destination file name extension(.mp3) are compatible.


Click on Start and wait for some time. If your video file is large you might have to wait a little longer.

Select audio format and set the Destination file name


5) After the video has been converted to mp3 audio, you can find the audio file in the location specified in step 4.


Now, you can enjoy your audio.

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