Convert SVG to PNG using Google Docs or Internet Explorer.

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), as everybody knows, is a popular vector graphics format. Vector graphics are different from raster graphics such as PNG, JPG, etc. When you try to zoom into a raster image, it looses its quality. This is not the case with Vector images, they can be infinitely zoomed in (enlarged) without losing any quality.

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is the most popular raster image format used all over the Web. Compared to JPG images, PNG images are more suited for clip arts, logos, and other computer generated pictures.

These days some web designers are using SVG images with a PNG image as fallback in their web pages. So, there is a need to convert SVG to PNG images. For you, the reason to convert SVG to PNG images may be different, but whatever be the reason, its always nice to know a handy method.

Now let's do it first using Google Docs. If you want to see the trick involving Internet Explorer, just scroll down a bit to Method 2.


Method 1: Converting SVG to PNG using Google Docs.

1) Upload your SVG image to Google Drive. Right click on the SVG file and open it with Google Drive Viewer.

Open SVG image with Google Drive Viewer


2) Google Docs will convert the SVG image to a PNG image which you can download. Just right-click on the image, which is shown in the viewer, and select "Save image as...".

Save SVG image as PNG in Google Docs


Method 2: Converting SVG to PNG using Internet Explorer 9 or above.

1) This method requires Internet Explorer 9 or above to be installed on your PC, as lower versions do not support SVG images. Right-click on the SVG file and open it with Internet Explorer. If you can see the SVG image rendered inside Internet Explorer, right-click on the image and select "Save picture as...".

In Internet Explorer, save SVG image as PNG


2) You will see the "Save Picture" dialog window.  At the bottom of the "Save Picture" dialog window, select PNG(*.png) in the Save as type drop-down, then hit the "Save" button.

Select PNG(*.png) in the Save as type drop-down field

Wasn't it so simple!


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