Convert PDF to (JPG / PNG image) using Google Drive.

Time and again, most of us who deal with PDF documents need to convert PDF to JPG, PNG, or any other image format. If you don't want to download and install any software only for this purpose, you can use Google Drive to convert PDF documents to images.

Here we are showing the steps involved in the process of converting a PDF document to image with pictures.

How to convert PDF to PNG and JPG using Google Drive or Google Docs?

1) Upload your PDF file to Google Drive. Click on the upload button right next to the “CREATE” button.

Upload button in Google Drive


2) After the PDF file has been uploaded, right-click on the name of the PDF document and open it with Google Docs.

After the PDF has been uploaded, right-click on the PDF file and open it with Google Docs


3) Inside Google Docs you will see the PDF file. Now, click on File in the top menu of Google Docs and select Download as Web Page (.html, zipped) as shown below. A ZIP file will be downloaded to your computer. You might be asked to choose a location to save the ZIP file after download.

Click File in the top menu and select Download as Web Page (.html, zipped) to save it to your PC


4) Extract the ZIP file. You will see an images folder inside it. This images folder contains all the pages of the PDF file as PNG images.


5) Now, you can use any image editor programs such as Photoshop or Paint (Paint is available on Windows by default).

Open the PNG image in Paint.

Open PNG with Paint


6) Save as JPG (JPEG) image.

Convert PNG to JPG (JPEG) using Paint

You will definitely find this process useful for converting PDF files to images.

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