Backup Line Chat History on Android

If you use one Line account on more than one mobile phone or tablet, the chat history on the previously used device is deleted. You can backup your Line chat history on your Android phone using its feature called Backup Chat History. This feature lets you create backups of your chats in Line messenger that you can restore later.

Remember, you must register your email with Line from the device you are currently using if you want to import the backup after installing Line on a new device.

Steps to Backup Line Chats

Tap on Chats on the top menu bar then tap on the chat you want to backup.

Tap on the chat you want to backup


Tap on the V like icon at the top-right.

Tap on V icon at the top right


Tap on Chat Settings.

Tap Chat Settings


Tap on Backup Chat History in Chat Settings.

Backup Chat History in Line app on Android


If you want to restore your chats later, you should select Backup All. Remember that if you choose to backup your chat as a text file, you cannot restore it later and the images in your chats will not be backed up.

Line chat history backup options


Now, anytime you want, you can easily backup your chat history in Line.


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