7 Practical Ways to Make Money Online

In this guide on how to make money online, we will show you the methods which actually work to make an online income for you.

Depending on your liking and choice you can choose any of the methods below to make a full time income or some extra money.

7 Practical Ways to Make Money Online


1. Selling Your Ebooks

Earn Money by Selling Ebooks

If you are an expert in any area, for example photography or cooking, you can write an ebook about it, then you can sell your ebook on ecommerce sites like Amazon, eBay or your own blog. You can also publish your ebooks on Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing.

For creating an ebook, first you have to write the manuscript of the ebook. For writing the manuscript, you can use softwares such as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer, or any other writing software which you are comfortable with. After writing the manuscripts, you will need to format the manuscripts by choosing which typeface you want to use, size of the font, size and style of the headings, colors, etc.

After  formating the manuscript, you need to convert it into an ebook. Depending on which platform you want to publish your ebook, you can convert your manuscript into popular ebook formats like EPUB, AZW, PDF, ODF, LIT, MOBI, etc.

You can sell your ebooks online using Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing, Lulu, Payhip, Smashwords, Kobo Writing Life, etc.


2. Online Tutoring for Money

Money from Online Tutoring

If you have knowledge and you like to teach, you can make a good amount of money as an online tutor.

You can teach any subject you want like algebra, calculus, physics, chemistry, maths, biology, art, social science, foreign language, etc.

You can start online tutoring from your own blog or website. You can also join tutoring websites like tutor.com, elance.com, tutorvista.com etc

3. Sell Photos

Money from Selling Photos

If you are a professional photographer or a hobbyist, you can sell your photographs online. Some of the best websites to sell your photographs are Shutterstock, Fotolia, iStock, SmugMug, Alamy, Dreamstime, PhotoShelter, etc.


4. Writing for Blogs and Websites

Earn from Writing for Blogs and Websites

If you are a professional writer or you like writing, you can make money online by writing for websites and blogs.

There are a number of niches or categories of websites to choose from, for example, finance, online retail, parenting, design, freelance, travel, humour, web development, internet, living overseas, etc.

You can earn a good amount of money for example 100 dollars per article. Some of the best paying websites are Listverse, The Penny Hoarder, Cracked, Smashing Magazine, DigitalOcean, etc.


5. Selling Products Online

Earn from Selling Products Online

If you are an offline seller or retailer, you can setup an ecommerce website or sell your products on others ecommerce websites like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.

If you are a newbie in online product selling and you don’t know which product to sell and where to sell your products, you need to find out the products which you want to sell and the source of the products. After you have decided the product, you can sell on your own ecommerce website or sites like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.


6. Online Training and Consultancy

Money from Giving Online Training

If you are an expert in any area for example photography, health, fitness, etc., you can give training and consultancy online for money. You can start a blog or website for giving training and consultancy.

You can make online training courses or do one-to-one personal training sessions. You can charge your clients per session or per course.
To make a good amount of money, you will need to have a large number of followers. You should choose a niche in which you are an expert to become an authority online.


7. Earn Money from Your Blog or Website

Make Money Blogging

If you have a personal  blog or website, you can monetize it using a number of methods for example advertisements, affiliate marketing, selling your own products like ebooks, paid subscription, etc.

If you are a newbie, you can start a new blog or website using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.

For making an online income, you need to be dedicated and disciplined. It takes some time to become an authority online and to generate a good amount of money.


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