Hyperloop: The Future of High-Speed Travel - Tech News #3

What is Hyperloop and How it Works?

Hyperloop is a conceptual high-speed transit system consisting of a network of very low air-pressure tubes in which capsules or pods can travel at an average speed of 600mph (970 km/h). These pods can be used to carry people or freight over long distances in very less time.

Hyperloop - The Future of High Speed Travel

The concept of Hyperloop was introduced in 2012 by Elon Musk and it has been open-sourced by SpaceX.

In this concept of Hyperloop, the air pressure inside the tube is reduced to very low levels which is almost comparable to vacuum. This low air pressure greatly reduces the air resistance to the movement of magnetically levitated pods or capsules inside the tube, and in turn makes it possible to achieve very high speeds of 760 mph (1200 km/h).

While it looks like that Hyperloop is a great concept as it will use very less power for faster and efficient travel, it certainly has some drawbacks, for example high costs of construction and maintenance.

Hyperloop concept is in its early phases of research and trials and to transform this concept into reality is going to take some time.



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