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Subway Surfers is a popular running game for smartphones which is similar to Temple Run. It is available on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. The main goal of the players of this game in the role of hooligans is to evade the cops. While running, the player grabs gold coins and avoid trains, jump over hurdles, etc.

Subway Surfers is a colorful game with green trees and blue sky. The animations in the game are fluid and the controls of the game are responsive. The features of power-ups like Jetpacks, coin magnet, etc. make the game very addictive.

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The controls of this game are intuitive. Swipe up to jump, swipe down to duck, and swipe right and left to switch lanes. There are some special missions in the game where players are rewarded for completing special tasks. Power-ups in the game makes it more interesting.

Power-ups such as special boots increase your running speed. Jetpacks can be used for avoiding obstacles by hovering over them. You can get these power-ups using the coins collected while playing the game. There are also options for in-game purchases.

Subway Surfers gameplay

The montly updates of Subway Surfers features the game in a new city as setting. The gameplay does not change but the graphics are changed according to the cities which makes it more entertaining. Players can use regular and special characters as avatars in the game. Regular characters can be used any time in the game while special characters are available for limited time.

Like many games for smartphones, Subway Surfers is is free to download and play. No online payment of real money is required to advance in the game. However, users can make in-game purchases to get power-ups to make the gameplay more interesting.


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