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Windows Management Framework includes Windows PowerShell.

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Windows PowerShell is a powerful task-based command-line shell and scripting language. It is especially designed for system administration. It enables Windows system administrators to perform many administrative tasks on local and remote Windows computers. PowerShell is different from the traditional Command Prompt.

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PowerShell uses different types of commands called cmdlets (command-lets). Multiple cmdlets can be used in sequence to manipulate data and perform complicated tasks. PowerShell uses pipelines to share objects between cmdlets. PowerShell is not only a Shell, it's a powerful scripting environment which lets the administrators easily create scripts to manage Windows based systems.

Cmdlets used in PowerShell are specialized commands for implementing specific functions. Unlike Unix like systems where Shell commands can stream only text data, PowerShell cmdlets output result data in the form of objects and arrays of objects and they can optionally accept input in the form of objects. The output of one cmdlet can be received by another cmdlet in sequencs.

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PowerShell comes with a scripting language. This scripting language supports variables, functions, loops, etc. Both single quotes and double quotes can be used to enclose strings used while scripting. PowerShell scripting language supports arrays, associative arrays, and creating functions.

Windows system administrators might want to learn PowerShell to manage their local and remote systems more effectively. It is suitable for efficient automation of system administration tasks. To know how to use PowerShell has many benefits for system aministrators.


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