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Line is a hugely popular instant messaging app which you can use on smartphones and personal computers. It is currently available as a mobile application on Android, iOs, BlackBerry, Nokia Asha, Windows Phone, and Firefox OS. In addition to the mobile applications, Line can also be used on PCs.

Line lets you sync your phone's address book with Line contacts. It gives notifications and real-time confirmation messages for sent and receieved messages. Not only you can exchange text messages, Line lets you share photos, videos, music, location, emoticons, stickers, etc. with your friends in contact. Also, Line has features to create groups where users can join, chat, and share files.


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The Notes feature of Line is like bulletin boards which can be used by the members of a group. It can be used to add important announcements, notifications of events, etc. All posts in the Notes are visible to all the members of the group. When a member adds something to the Notes, other members will receive a notification. Group members can comment on Notes.

Line is a kind of social network for smartphones. The Timeline feature can be used to share photos, videos, stickers, etc. with your friends. You can use stickers and emoticons in your chats. Line lets you add official accounts of celebrities, shows, etc. as friends. The snap movie feature lets you create 10 seconds movies which can be shared with friends.

Line cannot be directly used as a new user on PC. Before using the PC version of Line, you will need to register an email with Line from your smartphone or tablet. In Line, you can add friends in many ways. You can search a user by user ID and then add the user in your friends list. You can also add new friends by scanning QR Code of other users on Line. The Shake It feature lets you add friends by simultaneously shaking phones.


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